Brown Kuhli’s Swimming Up And Down Glass?

Discussion in 'Kuhli Loach' started by all-out-fallout, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. all-out-fallout

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    I finally finished cycling my tank and added five kuhlis to it yesterday. I’m noticing that at night though, they just swim up and down the corners of my tank. My water parameters are fine and the temperature is 80 degrees. They also have sandy substrate and plenty of places to hide. Are they okay? These are my first fish and I want to make sure they’re doing okay.​
  2. 75g Discus Tank

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    If you added them recently, they are most likely disoriented and stressed so they will swim around. Give them a couple, of days to settle in.
  3. CraniumRex

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    You will also find kuhlis do this when the barometric pressure drops. We've been having storms here for the last week and it's been a non-stop parade -- they zoom across the tank towards the middle of its height, and then dance all up and down the glass, almost like doing laps. They also do it when I do a big water change. I have 12 of them in my 55 at 75 deg.

    Yay to sandy substrate and hiding places. Sounds like you are off to a great start. Mine were a bit shy at first, but over a few months (and more additions) they got bolder and bolder. They come out in full light now when they used to wait until dusk.
  4. NLindsey921

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    Mine like to play in the current from my air stones all night. Just swimming up and down in the bubbles.
  5. OP

    all-out-falloutValued MemberMember

    Man, I don’t want them stressed. I know it’s probably typical for fish to be stressed after being moved around (I know I’d be stressed), but I hope the little guys adjust. Someone recently told me I should be keeping my lights off for the first few days I have them. Is that true?​

    Maybe it has to do with the weather too. We’ve been having tons of swings lately. Sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, stormy, all in the span of a week. Its been a crazy year and maybe they’re just as sick of the helter-smelter weather as we are haha.

    Also I switched to sand just for them! I just want them to be as happy as possible. Also, your guys are even active on a community tank? I’m worried that when I put new fish in they’ll start hiding.​

    That’s the best. Love how silly kuhlis are. Mine like to dogpile in the tiny space behind my sponge filter.​
  6. Wraithen

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    All my kuhlis are active in my community tank. My smaller oto will glass surf in the back corner of my tank. Which is a terrifying proposition in my tank. He caught the attention of my african butterfly fish once because he went so high. Little guy makes me nervous skating death like that.

    My kuhlis will glass surf sometimes. One of them likes to swim in a circle for a bit, then go off on some other adventure. I cant say I find them cute, but they certainly are endearing in a silly sort of way.
  7. CraniumRex

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    Absolutely. It's a peaceful community tank and the most aggressive fish I have are 5 bolivian rams but they are only cheeky with each other. It's not odd to see a kuhli and a ram sharing a sinking wafer. Kuhlis also like to climb in plants (they love my java fern) - it's really amusing to watch them.

    Totally agree. I do this for all new fish I add. It is way less stressful for them. Some fish, like my rasboras and tetras, seemed to take it all in stride, no hiding in the QT tank at all. Others, it took a little longer for them to get comfy. At first my kuhlis were only active at night. Now I see them all the time and they don't even scatter when I come very near.