Brown Algea And How To Get Rid Of It.

  1. leannajayde

    leannajayde Valued Member Member

    If its not one thing with my tank then it truly is another.
    My newest problem is brown Algea, all over my glass(all four sides), all over my sponge filter, my live plants, my decor, my sand is black but I'm assuming all over that too.
    I tried scrubbing it off everything during last week's water change but surprise surprise, nothings ever that easy.
    Please help, im also dealing with biofilm(I think) all over my glass and that combined with the algea I can barely see in my dang tank!
    Its so frustrating!!!!
  2. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    It's called diatoms, harmless :)
    That type of algae usually occurs in new tanks, and will eventually stop growing back.
    I would continue to scrub it off every water change and keep the light levels limited. It'll go away soon :)