Brown algae?

  1. omordn Member Member

    I need help with figuring out why my plants have developed what looks like brown algae. I have the standard led light that came with the tank. I also tried only turning on the light for 6 hours per day for the past week and haven't noticed an improvement. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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  2. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    I love ur honey gourami!!!! Ok so it looks like diatoms but whats ur tank size? Paraments? Do u add ferts? Usually if it is diatoms its because it is a newly set up tank and there is lots of extra nutrients
  3. omordn Member Member

    Hey, BamBam... Thanks for responding. Technically... this is not a newly setup tank. I have a 20g but the substrate, plants, and wood came from an established 10g that I had before. I did notice this on the 10g as well... but it didn't get worse until now.

    And yes... I do add Seachem Flourish with every water change.

    I should also add that I tried removing these particles by hand once (scrubbing them off), but as you can see... they came back. My profile should have the most up to date information regarding my tank specs.

    And yes... I love my gourami as well. He's freaking awesome. I love seeing how he just swims all over the tank and goes through the plants, etc. It's a very therapeutic sight.
  4. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Ok so first what I would do is not add and more ferts for at least 2 weeks. During this have a black out on ur tank. Turn off the lights for 2+ days. I know anubias plants are pretty hardy and I had one living in the dark for over a week(on accident) and I found it in a bag still nice and green.

    I think that its just because you have too much extra nutrients. I have the opposite problem with my tank where I don't have enough nutrients. Do u think its because of the activated carbon thats taking all the ferts out?

    I would try to scrub off the algae again before u do a black out so it helps the plants not to suffocate. Ok yes your tank seems to be great with paraments.

    Do you have any more honey gouramis in there with him? Whats your current stock? How does he act sith other fishes? Im curious cause I had a recent death with my DG......very sad and I almost cried but anyways I was thinking of adding a few honeys but I dont know how they act with each others or how he will act in general :)
  5. omordn Member Member

    I want to make sure that the steps I am thinking of doing is in fact what you are suggesting or have in mind:

    1. To be on the safe side, check my water levels again before I do anything with the tank.
    2. Perform a small water change and use that water to scrub off the algae from my plants.
    3. Add the freshly scrubbed plants back into the tank.
    4. When adding new water, DO NOT add the Seachem Flourish, but add Prime no problem.
    5. Turn off the lights for the next 2 days.

    Quick question, will my neon tetras and Gourami be thrown off by not having any light (only the natural light my apartment gets)?

    Also, I'm not sure if the activated carbon might play a role on this. How would I test this or confirm this?

    Gourami timeeeeeeeeeee. :)

    My 20g is lightly stocked for a reason... and that reason is because my fish are getting along no problem. I do not want to risk that, so no, I do not have any more Gouramis in my tank. As far as his behavior with the tetras... He was added AFTER the tetras. So, I didn't give him any opportunity to become territorial. The tetras established that themselves. I think this played a big part as to why they leave each other alone.

    So in summary, he does his own thing while the tetras do their own thing. There have been a couple of times in where I've seen the tetras thinking the gourami's pelvic fin was food and they tried nipping it once. The gourami has always responded with a "I'm getting out of here" behavior. He'd just swim away and the tetras would leave him alone. This only occurred at the beginning of when I first introduced him to the tank. I think now, the tetras know his fins are not food. Other than that... he's very active. Loves the plants and is eating algae constantly (or I think that is what he's doing). He loves hiding in the plants and coming out to explore.

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. :( I remember when I lost my first gourami years ago. I was devastated, so I completely understand.
  6. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Yes thats a good plan!! :) My fish dont mind me turning my lights off when I had a algae problem.

    About the carbon. I am jw if it has any role with me having too little nutrients for my plants. Im not sure how to test this maybe I will try afterwards :)

    Lol yusss gouramis are awesome fish. I think I might go with another DG but I want to see if I can work with my LFS to get a smaller fish or get a female DG. I have a 10 gal set up for breeding. But chances are that I probably wont get a female. Do u know anything about pearl gouramis? I heard sometimes they get aggressive. How about blue gouramis? I really would like to get a gourani that would be fine with my crasy weirdo fish. They do the weirdest things lol :D

    Ok lol how many neons do u have? Have any corys? Otos? The neons are probably not temp compatible with these fish but a good algae eater are otos. I have 2 but I am gonna get more soon :)
  7. omordn Member Member

    I have 2 nerite snails that took care of an algae problem in my previous 10g. Maybe I should add more.

    I have 8 neon tetras and 2 nerite snails (obviously, 1 gourami). Years ago.. when I had a 30g tank, I used to have an algae eater, but personally, I didn't like the . Lol. I am a big fan of nerite snails even though they poop a lot so I'd like to stick with snails if possible.

    Gourami timmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

    I have not had any experience with pearl or blue gouramis as I've never owned any. However, I think Gouramis' behavior are kind of similar across the board. If you're lucky, you get one that is docile. When going to your LFS to purchase one, I would stand in front of their tank and just monitor their behavior. This is what I did before I went ahead and purchased my honey gourami. I remember seeing how he behaved when the other gouramis would get near him. He would just swim away or maintain his curiosity on the rock he was picking at. Basically, he was leaving the other gouramis alone.

    To be on the safe side, I would talk to your LFS and see if you can return the Gourami if you find that it is not getting along with your current stock or vice versa (he's not being accepted by your current stock). Responsible LFS are usually okay with this, at least the ones I have access to.
  8. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Ok yes you probably want nerite or even mystery snails in ur tank :)

    The DG I got was so sweet he was picked on by the corys!!! Lol they wouldn't hurt him btw. He was just minding his own business and picking on the rocks and gravel. I did the same thing when I was at the LFS. I watched the tank and he was the one being picked on sadly. I might for for a powder blue DG. Add some more otos and corys. I was thinking of getting a school of serpae tetras but I didnt know if they would pick on the DG.
  9. omordn Member Member

    Definitely get a Gourami that shows signs of protecting himself when you have fish that currently punk other fish. I *think* if you get a Gourami that can defend itself, you should have no problem with your current stock and adding more tetras.

    Looks like I'll be shopping for snails then. Out of curiosity, my current 2 nerite snails don't really bother getting on plants they have access to to feed on the algae. Is this common behavior or are the snails just preoccupied with other areas in my tank that currently have algae?
  10. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    They have a mind of their own lol they do what they want :D I would encourage them to go on the plants like putting on on a plant with algae
  11. omordn Member Member

    I thought about putting them there myself but then thought it'd be cruel. Screw it... I'm going to anyway. LOL.
  12. omordn Member Member

    Hey @BamBamSorg I did what you suggested yesterday. I scrubbed the algae from the plants as much as I could with my hands with old tank water. I didn't want to use a brush because I was afraid the algae would spread there (from a few places I've read) and I didn't want to use anything else in fear that I may tear some of the plants.

    Anyway, the light is off now, has been since last night. However, I did notice while cleaning the tank that I may have a more serious problem than what I was first thought I did. Not only do I have the algae growth on the plants like I showed in this post, but I also noticed green algae starting to grow on my sand substrate. It's not a lot but it's there. Also, I noticed some clear particles on my aquarium glass (almost hair like?) that it is hard for me to describe and it was also hard for me to get a picture of. When I used my glass magnetic scrub they floated in the water. Was this wrong of me to do?

    Not sure what's going on in my tank. this algae. :)

    UPDATE: Did some slight research. Here is what I've gathered so far:

    I believe I may have identified the types of algae I have in my tank--Brown Algae (Diatoms), Blue Green Algae, and Fuzz Algae. Brown Algae is the type of algae that in my opinion has over taken the tank more than the other types.

    I have a strong suspicion that the below may be causing this algae problem:

    1. I may have old light bulbs.
    2. Unbalanced nutrients
    3. My snail crew cannot keep up with the algae

    Here is one thing I know for certain that is causing the new growth of BGA and Fuzz Algae. I have come to notice that my Nitrates are at 0ppm. Because I have a low stock in the tank... I think I am simply doing too many water changes so my cycle cannot keep up.

    The reason for the WC on my part is because I don't like seeing snail poop on my substrate. LOL. I am going to "try" and not perform a WC on my tank until I see my ammonia spike up at 1ppm. I've done WC even when ammonia has been at 0ppm. :(
  13. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Hm ok I read everything lol and with the certian algae that just comes off. Try to suck then up when u do a water change. And keep the lights off for another day if nothing has changed. Btw what kind of lights do u have? And yea the nutrients I suspected too
  14. omordn Member Member

    I have the lights the tank came with. The person I got the tank from said the LED light is no more than 6 months old. Everything else is my equipment... Heater and Filter.
  15. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Oh ok sorry lol.
  16. omordn Member Member

    Lol. I'm going to remove the rest of the BGA. Hopefully after the 3rd day of the tank not having a light on has made a difference. :(
  17. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Hopefully how r ur other plants doing without the light so far? How r ur fish?
  18. jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks like diatoms, it should burn itself out in time. Meanwhile, clean the plants off, it's tedious, but important. Or get some bristlenose plecos/otos depending on if the tank stock/size is suitable for them.
  19. omordn Member Member

    I'm barely heading into the second day of not having any lights turned on for the tank. So far, from what I can tell, I am not detecting new algae growth... especially BGA. I'll keep monitoring the tank and keep you posted.

    Thanks. :)
  20. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Ok good luck :) ;)