Brown algae problem

  1. J

    JDavies200 Valued Member Member

    Hi all.

    What's he best way to clear out brown algae. It's over my fake plants. It's starting to make my water cloudy.

    After a water change it clears slightly but returns in a few days.

    Anything I can clean my decor with to get rid of it?

    Anything I can add to my water to help combat this?

    The brown algae came from a lump of wood I had in my tank it has now been removed but algae doesn't seem to slow up.

    Thank you all!
  2. W

    Wildside Valued Member Member

    Some fish like Siamese algae eaters will chomp it. As will Amano shrimp and most snails. There are also products you can buy to kill it off.
  3. Aster

    Aster Well Known Member Member

    Before using fish or chemicals to get rid of it, you should try to find the root of the problem.

    Brown algae is actually diatoms, which are typically caused by low light, too much nitrates, and silicates. They're very common in new setups. How long have you had your tank set up?
  4. OP

    JDavies200 Valued Member Member

    About 2 months. Could it be a lack of oxygen? Fittings are all new lights were on for 14-16 hours. Now 10ish
  5. Aster

    Aster Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure but I don't think oxygen has anything to do with diatoms. Are you cycled? What are your parameters? What substrate do you use? New sand may bring in a lot of silicates which causes a diatom bloom.