Brown algae coating everything in tank! (Pics)

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    My 55 gallon reef tank has been set up for a month and a few weeks and there is a layer of brown algae coating everything. I have to clean the inside of the glass once a day and my poor tiger goby is working overtime keeping the sand clean. Water parameters are perfect. I tested it myself and took a sample to my LFS in case my test kit was off and they said everything was spot on as well. The fish in are 2 clowns, a Bangaii cardinal and a tiger watchman goby. What could be wrong with it?
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    The algae is diatoms, probably combined with some Live Rock die off too. It will go away on it's own as the tank establishes. Diatoms are perfectly normal for a newly established setup.

    You can limit the presence of diatoms through the following methods:

    Lighting: Reduce the lighting the tank receives.
    Nutrients: Nitrates and Phosphates can promote diatoms (and other algaes). A protein skimmer helps remove DOCs from the water before they turn into nitrates.
    Water: Using tap water can often introduce silicates, which diatoms love. Switching to RO/DI (if not already using) can help limit the introduction of silicates to your water column.
    Maintenance: Regular maintenance (water changes) also help to remove excess nutrients from the water.

    If you could kindly complete your aquarium info, it will help to guide a solution.