Bronze Corydoras Care Guide


Bronze Cory/Albino Cory
(Corydoras aenus)

Common names:
Bronze cory, Albino cory, Green cory, Black cory, Bronze catfish, Albino catfish, Bronze corydoras, Albino corydoras
Size: 6-7cm
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Tempº: 22ºC - 27ºC (71 F - 80 F)
Tank region: Bottom
Origin: Trinidad
Gender: Females are larger.
Notes: The Bronze and Albino Corydoras (‘cory’) catfishes have a lot in common. They are both peaceful, active, a schooling species and fun to watch. A bit like all corys. But they are actually the same species! Despite appearances – they are totally the same kind of fish, although the albino is slightly smaller. You must keep them in groups of three or more (although 6 plus is preferable) – they will reward you with their funny antics. When kept in numbers under this – they simply just sit on the tank floor and waste away.

Corydoras species are often simply bought to eat algae and clean the bottom of the tank. They won’t eat algae – and actually need feeding with special catfish pellets and wafers. Neglacting this is as bad as not feeding them – not nearly enough food falls to the tank floor to sustain a school of hungry fishes like these.







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