Brittle Star Eating Cleaner Shrimp?

  1. ksatterf Initiate Member

    Hi, I have 3 Brittle stars that have been in my tank (180 gal) for about 3 months. Today I found one of them eating my Cleaner Shrimp. Earlier in the day I saw the shrimp and it seemed ok but I didn't do a close examination because I didn't suspect any problem. From what I could tell the shrimp was not completely dead so that is why I am wondering if the brittle start caught it some how. I also have or had(i will need to do a head count) 3 pepperment shrimp. I got them to take care of some Aptasia which they did and have never been much for coming out in the open. I have noticed the stars have moved in where the peperment shrimp used to stay and I have not seen them lately. I thought the brittle stars were detritus eaters. Is it possible they are picking off my shrimp?
  2. agsansoo Well Known Member Member

    I would suspect the cleaner was near death. They are too fast for a brittle star to catch. Yes they are generally consider scavengers and not known to be shrimp killers.
  3. ksatterf Initiate Member

    I think you are correct. I managed to get a look at the cleaner before the brittle star pulled it into the rock and saw what looked like it may have een attacked. I'm wondering if my bully of a Domino Damsel could be a suspect.
  4. agsansoo Well Known Member Member

    Great observation ... Damsel are just down right mean ! Should only be kept in shark tanks. j/k LOL