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    We tried to find a Bristlenose Pleco recently but they didn't have any at one of the largest fish stores in Tokyo. If we cannot find one to be a hardworking algae eater for at least one of our tanks, what should we do? Should we look at buying one online if possible? Or can someone recommend some other types of algae-eating catfish? How about buying a solution to add to the water to decrease algae growth? I would prefer not to use chemicals but algae seems to be the main problem with our tanks.

    Any suggestions?
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    Tell is a little about your tank please. size, how long its been set up etc. this will help us better recommend something for your tank ;)
    The chemicals to rid your tank of algae is really arough on your fish, sometimes causing death.
    Algae uses excess nutrients in your tank, adding lots of live plants and cutting down on feedings + heavy water changes usually gets rid of it.
    Here is a link that will help you decide what kind of algae you have and other possible causes.
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    I'm going to make a new post with info. on all of our tanks. The algae problem we've been having seems a lot more under control. We've cleaned it up with some water changes and cleaning and we've cut down on the light-timeper day. Don't get me wrong, I'd still love a great algae eater or two! Okay, please have a look at my new post entitled "Tank Organization + New Fish." I appreciate your help!