Bristlenose Quarantine

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    I am getting a Bristlenose for my 60 gal, but because I’m quarantining all of my fish before they go in, I want to be quarantining my BN too. I have a 52L quarantine tub set up at the moment with around 60x40 cm base, and around 20cm height (off the top of my head) with 2 mollies, 1 Balloon Molly and one Guppy, who have all passed quarantine, but I cannot move them into the big tank, as I didn’t want to start doing a cycle with ammonia before I went on holidays (I just got back). Should he be able to fit? How should I feed him? I have algae wafers, and Driftwood in there, but I also want to give it some veggies, but is that ok while it’s in quarantine? If yes, what veggies are good? How should I prepare it?


  2. Fanatic

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    He'll fit in the QT tank for a while, but he should be fine.
    I would feed him zucchini, or cucumber, supplementing with veggie or algae wafers.

    Just boil it, or blanch it until it sinks.
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    Could be the first days it won't eat !
  4. OP
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    Ok. How long is it ok for it to not be eating before it’s a problem? Also, does it matter what “algae wafers” I feed him. The 60 gal that I bought came with some aqua one veggie wafers. Are those ok? But once those are finished, what algae wafers are good? Is that food easily accessible, because I live in Australia, so some things are hard to find.
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    I don't know any brands available overthere. I'd put in a part of.cumcumber in overnight so you can see if is has eaten.
  6. OP
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    Ok, I can put in the cucumber. What food would you recommend? Nothing to do with where I live, because if it’s only feeding my Bristlenose, I should be able to just order it online.