20 Gallon Tank Bristlenose Pleco cant keep up

Hey all,

This is my first post here so thanks for having me. I've been in this hobby for just under a year and have really enjoyed it. I have a 23 gallon tank with a decent stock that's been stable for 4 months or so without any signs of stress or illness, (fought off ich withing my first two months...). I bought my pleco early on and he's been great at keeping up on surface algae with additional wafers and left overs from feeding the Cory's. Within the past month or so I went from no algae on the glass to having it slowly build up. The only thing I think that has changed has been the surface area from live vegetation growing. I do a 25% change every other week and a 50% once a month, ie alternating between the two. Feeding habits haven't changed and tank is set up on a timer for 10 hours of daylight. Additionally I have a UV filter, best purchase ever, but I don't think that has an effect on surface algae.

The only two things I can think of are:
* More surface area due to increase plant growth.
* Pleco is eating less as he's full grown.

I assume I will likely just have to manually clean the glass, not the end of the world just curious as to why the sudden change.

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I think as plecos grow older, they don't eat as much algae. my adult BN started eating the algae if I held off the algae wafers for a couple days.
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It has been my experience to see plecos eat a lot of algae when they are very young. As they age they don't do as good a job. Elbert, that handsome fellow over there in my avatar doesn't eat algae at all. He is at least 6 years old now.

Other than black beard algae I don't have a lot of it. I just scrape off any that grows on the glass. My mystery snail, Miss Sneller, does a better job than Elbert.
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