Bristlenose Fry Care - Help!


I leave for a vacation to Cozumel in 2 days! I've given the pet-sitter instructions on how to care for all my pets, but to my surprise - I now have baby bristlenose plecostomus!!!

They're cute as heck, but I have no experience with this and did not expect my pleco to actually breed. I never setup shelters or extra hideouts in the tank for breeding. There is only a pirate ship in my tank that the male pleco uses as a cave and, apparently, an egg shelter. The tank is also heavily planted (75 gallon long).

What instructions should I leave for the pet-sitter to provide for these guys? I will be away for 6 days and did not discover the little ones until this evening after I came home from work. Afterwards, I ran to the store to purchase some HikarI algae wafers, a cucumber, and a couple small zucchini.

So far I have only thrown in finely ground tropical fish flakes and a few algae wafers.

The parents are a natural/regular-colored Male bristlenose and an albino female bristlenose.

There are both regular and albino babies!! I'm super excited and hope they are still alive when I come back from vacation. (I'm really excited to see how the natural-colored ones turn out. The father has a beautiful rock-like pattern, and the babies are already showing a pattern in their tails!).


You said the tank is heavily planted so they have lots of protection and the sitter can feed the powered food in the day and probably place a wafer in the late afternoon so they have something to snack on other than that there small enough to eat the tiny microbes and algae that's in the tank that can't be seen with the naked eye....but you can call your pet sitter every day or so to check on them till you get back.

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