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Discussion in 'Pleco - Plecostomus' started by fresh_aqua79, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. fresh_aqua79New MemberMember

    Hi all,:)

    I have a bristlenose and read everywhere that they like zucchini. Is there any particular way to prepare the zucchini before feeding and should I use it as a treat or as a main food source?

  2. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    The bulk of its diet ought to be a high quality pellet. From there, you can supplement what you like.

  3. fresh_aqua79New MemberMember

    like algae wafers?
  4. MagooFishlore VIPMember

    Zucchini is a natural food that is full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your fish and also it contains calcium that is good for snails I feed it to my snails twice a week and also algae wafers.

    I know your asking about a bristle nose lol but thought I would share ;) zucchini can be used as regular diet and also cucumber green beans and other veggies too like sweet potato. It's all down to how much natural algae you have in your tank.

    Algae wafers can be fed too but read the ingredients first too much protein can make them constipated if you've not got any already add some driftwood bristlenoses' love to graze on it
  5. anzValued MemberMember

    I cook it for about five minutes to soften it up a bit and let it cool before putting it in the tank. Another tip I use is to attach it to a rock with a rubberband. This way it sinks and your fish can easily graze on it.

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  6. Moneypenny1967Valued MemberMember

    I just stick it on a fork and drop it in tank.
  7. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning,

    I also feed my BN Pleco raw, fresh, zucchini stuffed with Algae wafer, Spirulina wafer and Earthworm Sticks every morning. I slice it round about 2" - 3" thick, weight it with plant anchors to make it sink. I stuff the zucchini to prevent other fish from stealing the wafers and sticks before the Pleco has a chance to eat. She loves it! She'll even munch on the green skin around the slice.

    After 4 or 5 hours, I remove any uneaten portions. I feed in the morning. Some may feed at night so be sure to remove any uneaten portions the next morning.

    Too, I soak the stuffed slice in Garlic Guard and Vita Chem once a week.

  8. fresh_aqua79New MemberMember

    Great ideas from everyone. I like the idea of stuffing the zucchini and weighing it down. I just added a large piece of mopani driftwood as well.
  9. Moneypenny1967Valued MemberMember

    Ken your BN must be really fa..... Plump;)Thats the most interesting way to feed a BN that I've read so far.

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