Brine Shrimp As Pets (sea Monkeys)

  1. WildJuniper Member Member

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, wasn't really sure where to put this topic haha.

    So, I want to set up a small 1 gallon 'Sea monkey' tank but I have some questions. Firstly, could I add some white aquarium sand on the bottom of the tank or is it better to have a bare-bottom one? Also was thinking of adding some some rocks and driftwood. I was wondering if I should have some sort of filter in the tank too, like this one: (BP TANKMAID AIR FILTER | Animates NZ Pet Warehouse)

    Thanks :)
  2. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    I just hatched some pet "Sea Monkeys" this morning. I put them in my guppy tanks and it didn't work out. :)

    Seriously though, no filter. Definitely need airstones to keep the water circulating some. I think you could use sand or any other decoration you desire. You might want to search up brine shrimp tank on Google. I've seen articles explaining how to set up a small tank, and details on how to feed them. You'll want to hatch them out in a small container so you can separate the shrimp from the eggshell debris.

  3. WildJuniper Member Member

    I'll defiantly try to get an air stone then instead of a small filter. Thanks so much for the tips!