Brine shrimp aquanix cool flake review!


Let's start with what and where!
Aquanix Cool Flake - Premium Fish Food Flakes

This a link to all of the cool flakes. I went with the Cool flake mix. I thought the mix of greens and high protein would be a better mix to feed daily. All the cool flakes have a beneficial bacteria that helps in eaten food break down into a microbial biomass and carbon dioxide.

The flakes are like a thin sheet of plastic best way I can describe it. Here's a pic of a single flake.

They stay intact in water. They do float for a bit but will sink as a whole. I have only fed them for two days so I cannot say how they do over time.
That being said. Every fish I have loves them. My glo tetras and red eye tetras happily swim up to top of the tank and usually eat it before it sinks.
My Cardinals and German Rams also come to the top of the tank to eat it. I have never seen my Cardinals come to the top for any food. My betta Chase's the flakes on the surface taking bite after bite.
At 13.95$ a lb it's a great price. Shipping is a little high. Payed 14$ in shipping for the flakes and premium brine shrimp eggs. The brine shrimp is definitely premium. 24 hrs an I got a massive amount of shrimp. I would recommend either to anyone who is looking for different foods!

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