breeding vampire crabs or bee shrimp

Discussion in 'Shrimps and Crabs' started by Taitertot, Jul 28, 2014.

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    So I want to set up either a Hong Kong or Sulwesi biotope. So does anyone have experience with breeding either vampire crabs or wild type bee shrimp. I have heard crs (red variant) are hard to breed and die off very easy with out special soft water, but they getting easier as they are bred in aquariums. Does easier just apply to the color variants and not the wild type black and white bee shrimp? I am used to hard water and have successful rcs colonies and some how my tank with ghosts are even breeding. So I don't have much experience with more difficult crustaceans.
    Now the the vampire crabs. I know the set up half land, half water, filtered heated, places to climb, make burrows, sand, coco fiber, and peat. What about live plants, I would love to throw some java fern in there, any Sulwesi plants for above water and will the crabs eat them? And most important how shouldthe water be as I'm not planning on doing a dish, should it be hard or soft for breeding. I have heard Sulwesi shrimp like soft water, so will I still have the same soft water problem to breed vampire crabs?
    Sorry to ask so many questions I've been researching and can't find the info.
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    Thanks for the bump, I think I might go with bee shrimp or crystal black shrimp because I would like to do a biotope and found out vampire crabs aren't actually from Sulawesi. I know exactly where white and orange arm Borneo crabs, and Mandarin crabs are from but can't find them anywhere, not even online. Apparently as most people just use water dishes, water parameters aren't very important. But now i really want to find out where exactly vampire crabs are from because I can get those easiest out of anything, not just "they are a Sulawesi freshwater crab" info cause everywhere I've read said that's just incorrect but then generally say they are from SE Asia. I think that started from the crab that is very popular and fully aquatic panther crab, which from some scientific pdfs I've read sound like they are actually from Sulawesi. But unfortunately they get too big and predatory for what I want to do.

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