Breeding super red bristlenose pleco


So about a month ago I got a breeding pair of super red bp. They bred in the shop, and I saw the male with the young. They haven't been showing any signs of breeding, but the male did explore the caves and I was pretty sure he picked one, but it was taken over by a panda garra. To be fair panda garra was there first. I will get more caves soon. I feed them algae wafers every night and veggies about 2 a week. Besides that should I do anything else. I have another male and a younger female, but they are all very friendly to one another. Is it just a waiting game or am I missing something? Thank you


When you are ready for them to breed you should do a large water change to replicate their natural rainy season and feed them some frozen or live foods if possible to encourage them. However none of these things are required in order for them to breed it just encourages them to do so. I hope this helps.


I saw a tip about putting in some slightly cooler water on a water change as well, as bn plecos apparently do most of their breeding in the wild during winter.

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