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Discussion in 'Swordtails' started by nrfolden, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. nrfoldenNew MemberMember

    I'm a fairly new Aquarist. But, I've found the breeding cycle and the rapid breeding nature of fish interesting. with my favorite live bearer being the sword tail which i currently have 4. I am planning a breeding/fish tank rack with 2 3o gallons or 33 gallon longs, 2 20 gallon longs and possibly a 40 long or breeder on the bottom and would like to experiment with breeding sword-tails. Just want some suggestions or advice on the subject i'm interested in breeding with black swordtails or koi swordtails and if i can get my hands on them the lyre/top fin variety.
    since it may be helpfull i can easily obtain koi,black,and mixed from a chain near me and i think possibly red's from my only local fish store.

    Thank you
  2. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    Sounds cool! You can get some pretty nice fish on if you're looking for particular varieties of them. Most sellers will provide pictures of the stock they are selling, and usually livebearers are sold in pairs or trios. Might be easier to start from a good line if you're going for a very specific type so you don't have too many surprises that look nothing like what you were hoping. Though, mixed genes can be really fun, too! Good luck!
  3. nrfoldenNew MemberMember

    thanks for the advice. :)
  4. allllienWell Known MemberMember

    Personally I'm not much into 'pure stains' (except for red koi), I like random variety, and not knowing what you might get, but it really depends on what you're going for, or if you're breeding mostly for yourself or to sell. Having said that, my main line going for years now, ended up pure bright red lol, with no variation. Obviously it was a dominant gene in my lot. I've recently added some new ones into the mix, so hoping for a bit of variety, even adding a couple of platys for randomness. I breed for myself really, and sell any I don't want, only on a very small scale. I will mention the lyretail varieties are a lot less hardy, they've never done well in my tanks but my filters are on the higher flow rate setting, I think they need a bit lower flow rate to be happy, much like bettas etc.
  5. Denise dossNew MemberMember

    I purchased my pregnant swordtail over a year ago and she's been throwing these babies in almost every birthing. I'm not sure if she is a Pineapple or a Sunburst. Sorry the photo is so blurry.

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  6. allllienWell Known MemberMember

    I think the first ones a neon (one without black fins), and the ones with black fins are neon wagtails. Pineapple are yellow with the red along their backs as far as I know ;) I think both neon and pineapple are dominant genes.

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