Breeding stories, myths, 1st/2nd/3rd hand anecdotes?

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    I've got 4 very happy yoyos who surprised the socks off me today. I have a fantastic piece of driftwood that floats unless it's weighted down, and has been just floating at the top for the last 5 or so days. It's all curved and a popular spot for my yoyos to lounge on. One settled itself into a neat little loach shaped hole that has a hidden cavity running off it. Its tail occasionally pokes out, and I have been watching it since yesterday saying, 'aww, cute' and other soppy things. Tonight, hub asked if this one was still in the hole, and I said I thought so. It was night and lights were off, so I got my trusty torch and we looked up into the hole to see a tail disappear into the cavity and reveal a neat pile of eggs!! I highly doubt I have made some groundbreaking leap in aquarium loach breeding, and this has happened often before the eggs are eaten or something. Information is so scarce though.
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    Thanks for the links, carol. I have just gotten home to find all the eggs are gone. I'm not even sure who's eggs they were, though I know they couldn't have been from the angels. Not sure how kuhlis or cherry barbs place their eggs, so I can't even say for certain. The loach in the log is now back out with everyone else, so really nothing is definitely known unfortunately.
    I'll make a note of all the current conditions in this tank and keep a close eye out. If any eggs ever appear again I'll remove the driftwood and get it into it's own tank and see what happens! I'm a bit bummed about it now. I'm just going to assume it was something else in the tank. I can't have been so lucky!
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    Sorry the eggs all disappeared :(
    Cherry Barbs are egg scatters. Scattering/fertilizing eggs as they swim.
    Kuhlis have been aquaria spawned so it could have been theirs and the yoyos were getting ready to have a snack.

    Yoyo females will fill with eggs and get so full they practically rock on their bellies. Watch for that to happen and watch for eggs. You just never know you may be the one to breed them in home aquaria :)


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    Perhaps it was my little kuhlis. The cherries haven't spawned ever in the 18 months I've had them. I've seen definite courting just once, and maybe there has been eggs?
    I sat watching them all for about half an hour earlier, as the dynamics in this tank changed significantly when I added a small Rainbowfish school. It's funny how one change can have a real flow-on effect. No doubt it will also stop whatever it was with those eggs from occurring again!
    Thanks again, carol. :)
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    Welcome as always :)