Breeding Silver Dollars: Any Dangers?

Kribensis Luva

Hi, I have 2 spotted silver dollars and I wish to breed them. But are there any dangers with my current fish or my keeping skills? Also, are they parental carers?


Silver Dollars will care for their young, but will be no match for the aggressive fish in your crowded tank. If you intend to breed them, I'd suggest moving them into a 100L tank or larger.

I've seen other threads where you've indicated an interest in breeding many species. To be successful at breeding, you need to research the needs of each fish, and keep the parents in a tank large enough to allow the fry to grow. Further, you need to closely monitor the nitrogen levels (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate). Fry need pristine conditions.

Kribensis Luva

thx I do have a 20L with a peacock cichlid in it. I have been interested in breeding many types of fish so do you suggest I give him away so that I have a breeding tank or should I just buy another tank?


A 20L is too small to breed anything but shrimp IMO.

Kribensis Luva

oh ok should I save up for a 30L then or bigger?


I say bigger. Way bigger.


Try 200L

Kribensis Luva

I so do not have enough room for one of them. I'm just going to sell some. if so which ones should I sell and how many ?

P.S the fish I am not selling are:
my feather fin
my kribensis
my blue ram
my angel


Good morning,

I have a few links for you. The one below states that once the eggs are laid, the parents need to be removed or they will eat the eggs and or fry:

This one states the parents will not eat the eggs and fry:

Wow, possibly 2000 eggs too!

I have 8 Silver Dollars, I've seen them go through the mating process, they'll chase each other around then stop side by side and just quiver. I've never had any survivors due to having tank mates.

My best suggestion is to separate a known pair from tank mates, let them spawn and see what Mother Nature decides. Will the parents eat them? If they do then you'll know next time to remove the parents.

Wonderful fish! Best of luck!


Kribensis Luva

thx for the info


I am seperating my 7 silver dollars in my new tank I bought last week
7 ft long 2 ft deep and 18 inch wide
630 litre
158 gallons
at the moment they are trying to breed like mad in my trigon 190 but my oscars are lifting all my gravel so I presumed they were eating the eggs .
reason for the new tank .
only thing I need for the tank is a descent external filter .
hope I get some luck

Kribensis Luva

but I only have 2 silver dollars. y r u keeping oscars with silver dollars?! recently my blue ram died and my rainbow sharks bred then the angelfish got all silver and killed my neon tetra.


It is completely safe to keep Oscars with silver dollars with a large tank.

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