Breeding Samurai Gourami Outside


So, I live in Australia and spring and summer is only 4 weeks away and I've just set up my 100L (25g) tank outside for breeding. I have loads of driftwood, sand, IAL, light plants and floaters to block a lot of the sun (about 2-4 hours of direct light and 3.5 hours of filtered light) I want to breed some sort of gouramI and was hoping to track down some samuraI gourami. (I work at my LFS so it shouldn't be too hard ) But anyway, my question was would it get too hot for them? I'm confident that I can get the water to a pH of around 5-6.5 for them to spawn in and I have two 15L tanks for fry rearing and a microworm culture. Plus live black worms and frozen blood worms and frozen daphnia for the parents. But during the peak of summer the air temperatures are around 38-42 degrees Celsius. Making the water climb to around 30-36c. However this usually only last 7-10 hours before the sun sets and it cools down again. But still 7 hours at 32c may be 7 hours too many.
If you guys think this won't work and it's not worth the risk of these rare gourami, please feel free to suggest any gouramI species that could handle this temperature or any fish (anything expect Melanotaenia rainbows and P. Signifier) down below.

Thanke guys!
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