Breeding rosy barbs

Discussion in 'Rosy Barb' started by aquariumgirl lauren, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. aquariumgirl lauren

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    I recently purchased a pair of rosy barbs for my 30 gallon tank and I was wondering how to breed them. All answers are appreciated!!! : )
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    Hi Lauren, I've never bred rosy barbs but I did a little digging and found some articles.

    Here is a species profile from Fishlore. There's only a little info about breeding, but a lot of nice info about proper husbandry. :)

    This one has some breeding info.

    Here's another.

    As I said, I've never bred them, but I can give you some very general info on breeding fish in general. It's best that they have their own tank, as these guys are egg scatterers and other fish will eat the eggs. High quality foods and big water changes have helped to get my fish "in the mood" in the past... the big water change replicates rainfall in the fishes' natural environment, which can often trigger a spawn.

    Best of luck with the breeding project!
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    aquariumgirl lauren

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    Thanks harpua2002, the articles you recommended were very helpful!