Breeding Red Worms for live food


I just bought a can of 50ct Red Worms from my local bait store, I'm not sure how long it will last in my fridge before they die off in the lil can, I did some small time research online and I found out that I can raise and breed my Red worms properly feeding them table scraps, potato peels, carrot peels, basically creating a compost pile for the diet.

I was wondering if anyone had success with this and or have any tips for this new for me live worm breeding?

This feeding of red worms is for my 3.5 inch Black Knife fish (Spartacus), cory cat (Tony), and my betta (Blue). They all seem to enjoy it lol.

What worms do you suggest if not red worms?



I kept earthworms for a while, they lived in a plastic bin with a good tight lid with some ventilation hols poked in the top. I just used dirt from my yard with dry leaves mixed in. I fed them organic greens that were leftover from my salads, and also some leaves from yard weeds ocasonally. They did pretty well but I didn't feel like they were really reproducing much.
I ended up getting some white worms from a fellow member on the forum and they do great! Very easy to keep, and they reproduce like mad! They are much smaller worms but my fish love them, plus they stay alive for a day or so in the bottom of the tank so the fish get to hunt them down. I keep them in dirt with some pieces of rotting sticks, and feed them whole wheat flour, fish food, and occasionally little pieces of whole wheat bread. Also sometimes I put a couple pieces of the aquarium plants into the dirt when I trI'm the tank.
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