breeding questions 29 Gallon Tank

  1. fishdude360

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    :;dk what fish could I breed in a 29g. freshwater tank :;dk

  2. Meenu

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  3. k

    kacie Member Member

    Apistosgramma cichlids, Shelldwellers, Rams, Convicts
  4. OP

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    whats a ram
  5. btate617

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    Mikrogeophagus Altispinosus.....Bolivian ram

    Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi........Blue ram

    Google them, both cool fish. If you are new to fish keeping though, if you pick one of these go with the Bolivian. They are all around easier to keep.

  6. Toddnbecka

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    An established pair of quite a variety of cichlid species would be breedable in a 29. However, room for the fry to grow out is another matter entirely.
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    Great advice above!
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