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Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Paige98, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Paige98

    Paige98Valued MemberMember

    So I've had a 10 gallon planted aquarium for about 6 months now. I stocked with three girls and they all are active and happy and live for food. Recently my betta died so I completely took down the tank and now the planted tank is my only tank. To cheer myself up I went and got a male guppy to breed with my females. My lfs agreed to take the fry that survived if I didn't want them. I have never bred fish before so I'm not really sure what I'm getting into.

    How long until I should expect babies?

    How often will they reproduce?

    What can I do to help the tank succeed and remain a healthy environment?

    Also any advice is greatly appreciated so tell me all about what I should or shouldn't be doing. Thanks so much In advance.

    Here is the tank and my beautiful new guppy. f3a699e0b264eef299d9d1cfa19ca9fa.jpg1fcb0d50486ed863f46f7140a454ce4d.jpg
  2. jertan98Valued MemberMember

    Typically every 3 or 4 to 6 weeks.

    Make sure u have plenty of cover, it seems like u do have that but u might wna get a big and thick clump of moss. floating hornwort is good too. Its for the fry to hide in so the adults dont prey on them.

    Make sure u have a sponge covering the inlet of wtv filter ure using too.

    Females typically drop their fry at night, when theres no light so u might wna keep the lights off longer when shes about to drop. Make sure u have food sources like live brine shrimp and microworms too, for when the fry drop.

    I usually feed the tank more when the female is about to drop too, about 4 times a day. If youre serious about breeding u might wna invest in an auto breeder. I have alot of red ramshorn snails and RCS in my tank so im not too worried about leftover food polluting the tank. After the fry drop, make sure u feed the adults well too, they wont prey on fry so aggressively if they arent hungry.

    I also use coral chips in my tank for a higher pH and harder water. I heard guppies love that. As u have a smaller tank (10g), u might wna do more water changes than i do (every 2 weeks for my 22g)

    I cant rly think of anything more than that rn!
  3. vikingkirken

    vikingkirkenWell Known MemberMember

    I don't have any advice to offer, but WOW your tank is gorgeous!
  4. april_fish

    april_fishValued MemberMember

    Yeah I agree your tank looks amazing!! The plants are beautiful! What kind of bamboo is that? Does it have to be partially above water? And your guppy is gorgeous too!

    Edit: Oops didn't realize you had questions about breeding. Sorry! I don't know anything about so I can't really help.. I just had to say how awesome your tank looks :)
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
  5. smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Guppys are live.bearers so you dont really need to do anything special they will do it on their own. just keep up with your water changes
  6. OP

    Paige98Valued MemberMember

    Thanks so much! It's my first planted tank and I'm in love
  7. OP

    Paige98Valued MemberMember

    It is lucky bamboo and the leaves have to be above water or the plant will rot.

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