Breeding question

  1. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Hi guys my big male pearl gourami has spent the last few weeks building his bubble nest, i have stopped using an airstone and put a filter baffle to allow him to make it bigger. Hes had it up for a while now but still chases the female into the corner of the tank. Once in a while if he stops working on it the nest messes up, but he continues to build it back. My question is, how long before the female lays the eggs in the nest? Thanks guys.
  2. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    This would only happen if the female is also sexually mature and ready. From my understanding, breeding pearls is very difficult in a community tank. Adding another female pearl would be a good idea so the male doesn't stress her out. Is this your 29g? If so, I think you'd be pushing it by adding a third though.
  3. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Thats amother issue too. Yes this is my 29 gallon community tank (still with pig the puffer waiting to move tanks) i dont know if i want to add a second female once i move pig, i was thinking about getting a pair of rams (not for breeding because this is way too hard haha) but if it helps him get over this bubble nest thing and finally becomes a dad then i wpuld definetly consider it. I know that the ideal thing would be to place the two in their own tank, but i dont have the space and money to do so.
  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Or you could just do nothing and see if he stops. My male pearl was building bubble nests and chasing my female a bit but she wasn't ready so he eventually stopped and now they just coexist peacefully and have a platonic relationship. lol
  5. ToddHendrix Member Member

    I sure hope that happens to me lol. This is kinda mean...but should i turn on the aiar again so it bubbles up the top to deter him from making one? Also the barbs and puffer are at the top more often...along with the corys surfacing more than i have afraid theres not enough oxygen
  6. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    There should be enough surface agitation created from your HOB. You could add an airstone but gouramis don't normally like a lot of bubbles and current.

    That is abnormal for your other fish especially the corys to be hanging out more at the top. What are your water parameters?
  7. sheenalee Member Member

    Hahaha friend zoned!!!
  8. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Theyre pristine except for my high ph 7.8...its stable though. They dont do it all the time they are near the surface more. All the agitation is on the left side and the pearls (when theyre not making a bubble nest) like to hang out either right under the hob or near the driftwood. The male patrols around more though.
  9. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Haha yeah, she totally put him there!

    That pH is fine. Mine is 7.8 as well.

    What's your temp at? You could try adding an air stone and see if that helps. Are they gasping or breathing rapidly?
  10. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Just put the airstone in...everyones ok now!
  11. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Just a note on adding a second female Pearl:

    Many years ago a friend had a pair of these fish. The male built a large nest, but the female ignored him completely. She was very fat/full of eggs, so he decided there must be something incompatible about them. He went and bought a second female, and introduced her to the tank. Within 24 hours there were eggs in the nest - from the first female! His theory was that she got "jealous" when a competitor was added.