Breeding Project

  1. wrs2

    wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    Hello friends! (Lame intro haha)

    I have a spare 5.5 gallon tank that I was using as a trial dirted tank for plant growth. It kinda flopped. So I was thinking of doing a live-bearer breeding tank!

    I was going to just put in hornwort (just having it float around) and then put some water hyacinth on as a floating plant, thinking the roots would be a good place for the fry to hide.

    Has anyone tried anything like this before, breeding them in a tank with water hyacinth? I have a pair of wild guppies / endlers / hybrids that had some fry a few weeks ago, so I may want to do something else. I like swordtails but they would be too big for a 5.5, though I do have a larger tank that they would go into.

    And would 1 M to 2 F be a good ratio?
  2. Katie13

    Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Endlers would be your only option in a tank that size.
  3. OP

    wrs2 Well Known Member Member

    It's not a forever home for the adults. Just for a few weeks so they can breed then they will go into my main tank, which will hopefully be upped to a 20L come mid July.