Breeding Pair Jaguar Cichlids (Video) 150 Gallon Tank

  1. YukonBlu Initiate Member

    Hey guys, i have what it looks to be a breeding pair of Jaguar Cichlids aka Managuense Cichlid that are only 4 to 5 months old, is this normal? Check out the video and give me your input. Thanks

    Breeding Pair Jaguar Cichlids:
  2. buzz4520 Member Member

    Jaguar cichlids can reach sexual maturity around 4 inches. So if you believe that you've got a breeding pair, then it may be the best that you return the others that are in the tank with them. The breeding pair will get super aggressive towards the others and will most likely kill them. Jaguars are one of those fish that doesn't really get along with other fish or fish of their own species at times, they're not a good community fish.

  3. YukonBlu Initiate Member

    Community fish.... Ive never been into those lol
  4. buzz4520 Member Member

    What I mean by community fish is any other fish besides themselves. I see in your video that you've got a 150g with fish all ready in it and if your planning on putting your breeding pair of jaguars in with them may not be the best choice (IMHO). Jags are very aggressive/territorial especially during breeding.

  5. YukonBlu Initiate Member

    Yeah i though about this, I may just end up keeping one. Those two guys have been really aggressive, probably as aggressive as ive ever seen fish behave. Unfortunately they ended up killing one of the other baby jags before i could get him to the pet store. I felt bad about it but there was really noting i could do, i thought he could survive a couple more days but he didn't make it. The breeding pair are in there by themselves now. Thanks for the reply.