Breeding Otos?


I was just wondering if it's at all possible to breed Otos? My fish supply store told me they're wild caught because they're very hard to breed in captivity, and that bothers me because I don't like supporting taking fish from the wild. I love Otos and they've been the only thing that does a good job with my algae, but I just hate the thought of having to get them by taking them from the wild. Why are they so hard to breed and can't there be a way to do it?


It is not the fault of the owners believe me, the otos just do not cooperate. There have been several of us who have tried to build up the conditions necessary for them to breed but no luck so far. This is a world wide thing, there have been very few instances of otos breeding in captivity. You might try going to their website and looking at the information about the breeding attempts listed there.


The gentleman who manages that site is very kind and will give out any information he has, but it is probably not more than we have here on the Otocinclus board (under Catfish in the Freshwater fish Species Specific area) as one of our members has contacted him and put the information she received from him in her posts.


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