Breeding Nerite Snails


Anyone have success?

What are saline tank/conditions?

Is a half-filled 5gal too big?

Anyway to distinguish male/female?

I was considering turning the 5gal into a nanoSW tank, what other Saltwater reef/wildlife can go into this nano 5 gal for breeding nerites?
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Nerites breed in brackish water and then the young need to be raised in full salt water and then returned to fresh.

- Breed them in a brackish tank, temp set at 79F, with a lower level of illumination
- Moving the eggs to a smaller hatching tank are an option, but not necessary
- Once the eggs hatch, move them to a marine tank, or other fully salty tank.
- Once the hatchlings become little snails, move them back to the brackish tank, you can keep them there to rebreed, or move them to a freshwater tank to solve algae problems.


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The links above may give you more information.


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