20 Gallon Tank Breeding Halloween/red Koi/mosaic Guppies!


I have been slowly updating my builds, my 20l, this tank, my 29, my 12, and my 55, aND my moms 10 gallon betta tank.
Now, it's time to start breeding and setting them up to functionality. my ricca is coming in, as is some frogbit and I think ludwigia or something? I forgot but I don't care XD
and root tabs! should be here by monday or tuesday.
very thankful for that.
My firs momma is pregnant! likely from a different male in the tank she was in for sale. ive had them about 2 weeks so she could be due soon. all the males were gorgeous but now I'm going to breed for more oranges and separate the reds.
this female is nice with her spotted tail, hoping to get a lot of that in, and maybe cross some mosaic in when I get my first fertile female fry.
that way I get her for sure, rather than having to chance the females choice.
so excited for fry!


Those are gorgeous!!! I wish I could get some.
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LittleBlueGuppy said:
Those are gorgeous!!! I wish I could get some.
Well I'm going to be shipping these guys all over! Halloweenies and red kois.
My plan is to take the 1st orangest one, the 3rd orangest one, and breed those with an orangey red male.
Then the 2nd and 4th, will be bred with the mosaics to see what those look like.
Since she's been oregnant about 2-3 weeks, should should be due fairly soon, so I'll be posting fry updates on that as well! Probably weekly or biweekly.
Depending on what all happens.
I'll probably do them for pretty cheap too, depending on how some of them look they may cost more.
I'm hoping to maybe get some dark colored bodies, and might even cross in a purple male who has a black tail and black on his face. Going to be breeding for this females tail spots for sure. Those black spots will look super nice.
Very interested to see a mosaic cross, their bodies are very light but full of orange and green color, so we'll see what it looks like when mixed.
Especially since all male mosaics I have are orange, and the females blue.

Probably going to do breeding pairs for 10ea and single sexes for 4.50
Females will likely be less spendy than males since it seems that they will probably have mostly female fry like my other guppies.
Shipping will likely be semI covered too. I like to pass on goodness rather than worry about my margins at this moment.
Very exciting string for me since halloween is my favorite!
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We have babies today! So far I've only seen three, maybe 4? I think two dark and two light. I'm thinking it's possible these are albino? Quite interesting. With such a small batch I'm guessing she's a first time mom, or just very hungry. I went back and forth unsure if she was really pregnant because the few days after the photos she got a little thin, then thickened up a lot when I added zucchini.
She was! Cute little guys! Hoping they'll do very well and I'll be able to raise them faster than my current fry.
Got them in coralbandit 's fry catcher, and with Vishaquatics (Koiman) riccia! They've nibbled on it already! Taking shelter by it and actively exploring the fry catch.
So excited and thankful for friends like these who are able to help me in my adventures!
Wonder what the sexes will be... Or what the possible albino fry will look like/pass down genetics wise.

I realize you can't see the normal colored fry. He just looks like muck on the mesh.. Lol he's directly in front of the possible albino XD a blur of movement lol
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Caught 5 little guys.
Definitely going to guess/assume this is my momma gupies first or second batch of babies.
I was right, sort of.
One "albino" one light color and 3 darks.
The light one is just light not bright white like the first one.
Going to get side views today! Will update every sunday now!


Nice on the albino fry !
I have never got one albino from any fish that was not albino...
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I really really wanted to do every sunday.
What's a months late...

Here are the bets photos of the fry I could get for now, will really show you some better ones on sunday lol
The albino is small, but doing well, and some of the others are pretty big! It's interesting how they're coloring, since technically they should be getting red fin tips but the largest one has a black analfin lol
Curious to see genders and see how the albino colors.
It would be so amazing to get some albino halloween guppies.
I had more fry today, caught 10, but there could be more.
And had a surprise 3 or 4 from my 55 lol
I'm super excited for these babies.
My other 45 babies are also showing color now.

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