breeding guppies in a 5g

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by monkeypie102, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    okay so I only have a 5g available to breed guppies for my Red Ear Slider (I decided to feed her live foods and fresh veggies) how many guppies adult guppies can I put inside of a 5g for breeding? I was going to do it in the tank with the turtle but she may eat them before they have a chance to pop.

    also what should I be expecting with the breeding? and would bare bottom or gravel be best? (will be my first time with them)
  2. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    A 5 is enough for her to get pregnant, but you aren't going to be able to raise the fry in it. If you want to raise food, you should get a 20 long. A 5 just isn't going to get it done.

    You could have each female dropping 30 fry each and every month. Without the proper set up, you could be overwhelmed with fry and unable to raise them to the size needed for feeders.

  3. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    hmmm... maybe I can use the 26g... I will need to think about it if I used the 26 how many could I add to it?

  4. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Easily 10. Then let them breed. As it gets over filled, remove some for the turtle.

  5. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    10 females or 10 males and females together?
  6. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    2-3 males, 7-8 females.
  7. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    The more females you have, the more fry you will have.
  8. RasboraNew MemberMember

    I have 5 gallon with my 3 breeder guppies. Two female to one male. All you have to do is feed them properly , keep it clean, and plants. The guppies will breed and some of the baby's will get eaten but most will survive hiding in the plants, just remove the baby's ASAP , and you will be fine. If you have a 26 gallon and more than 10 guppies they will over populate quick, that's just over kill. 5 gallon will be fine
  9. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to the forum

    Since they are being fed to a turtle, I don't see overpopulation being a problem. But that certainly would be a good problem for them to have.
  10. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    I also suggest gut loading your feeder guppies. Feed them a ton of stuff that you want your turtle to eat :D
  11. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    I think I will start with the 5g and move them to he 26 as the population gets larger... if it gets to much for my turtle to handle I can always send them to my brothers he has a cilid tank and his fish love feeders.

    As for gut loading that is the plan :) I gut load crickets for my geckos so I would think it is all the same procedure...
  12. aquaticValued MemberMember

    What rate does the turtle eat the guppies? (and no "one at a time" jokes :p )
  13. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    A www ;( fun killer... and i haven't tried guppies yet right now she is eating pellets and fresh lettuce, green beans, and red wigglers (both my turtles seem to love them!) However with how fast she decimated the snail population in the tank she is in until spring I would say she maybe able to eat 5-7 at once
  14. featherblueWell Known MemberMember

    Live food can go quick....ive had up my ramshorn pop to handle twice a week snail day for my puffers. Id keep that 26g avail if u want to feed live daily or every other day. If she eats ur estimate, that's at least a batch of fry (1 females monthly batch), you'll need every week on the light side. Happy food is better feed, so overpopulationnshould be a concern.
  15. SugarJunkeeValued MemberMember

    Since you also have the option to bring fry to your brother's cichlids, it sounds like you have the over population issue solved! You'll have some happy turtles and get to enjoy the guppies to boot.

    As for plants, I think bunched/stem plants like mayaca, water wisteria, and mermaid weed would be good options. The 5 gallon could look bogged down or cluttered with floating guppy grass, and those types would provide a really dense 'fluffy' cover for them and still look nice and be easier to control, considering a weighted bunch of stems is much easier to move when chasing fry.

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