Breeding Guppies - Any tips?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Anthony10, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Anthony10

    Anthony10Valued MemberMember

    Any tips for breeding guppies? I'll be getting a pair of green cobra guppies for my new 29gal when it's set up! Some questions I have:

    Is a 1 male to 1 female ok? Or should it be different?

    What should I feed the fry? I'm not very experienced with live food, so live brine might not work! :( Will they eat duck weed by a chance? Cause my pond has tons of it!

    Of course I'll be doing research on breeding, but experienced breeders are always better than a webpage right? :)

    How do I tell if they are male or female?

  2. celizabethh3

    celizabethh3Valued MemberMember

    Any tips?

    Typically livebearers should be kept in a 2:1 female:male ratio to keep the male from harassing a lone female.

    As far as feeding fry, there is something called Hikari First Bites and can be purchased at Petco.   I know some people choose to feed them the same flake food as the adults get, they just crush it up smaller. :)

    Fortunately guppies are easy to sex and a lot of LFS will keep them in separate tanks. Males are more colourful and smaller than females. Also the males have a pointed anal fin, whereas the females have a more "fan" shaped one. I found this website to also be helpful when it comes to guppies.


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  3. Claire Bear

    Claire BearWell Known MemberMember

    Hi and welcome. I have endlers which are very close and in fact often crossed with the guppies you see in stores today (they are slightly smaller then the average guppy).
    The male guppy is very colorful and usually the female will be bigger and not colored up like a male-sort of plain.
    I would have at least two females to your one male. They breed like rabbits and rabbits breed like crazy. Soon you will have so many, you wont know what to do! :)
    Good luck and lastly, my endler fry live off the flakes that the adults get but others may chose to feed their fry something else.
    There are many fishlorians that raise guppys and I am sure some will soon chime in!
    Congratulations and good luck! :)

  4. OP

    Anthony10Valued MemberMember

    Thanks!! I'll be looking for 2 females then! Maybe I'll do 2 Green cobra and 1 Blue cobra? :D I'll look for those hikari bites too, just ordered a Aqueon heater for the tank! Just one step closer!! :)

  5. fengshui

    fengshuiValued MemberMember

    Id strongly suggest tons of plants, limit the feeding a and neglect the tank a little by leaving the lights on longer to encourage algae growth for fry.
  6. OP

    Anthony10Valued MemberMember

    Any tips?

    Alright! I'm thinking of some java moss with some java fern and anarchis. Trust me, I have the lights on for longer part already! 5-7 hours of direct sunlight and 12-14 hours of tank lights... My glass shrimp loves all the algae!

  7. Clement Chee

    Clement CheeNew MemberMember

    Not too sure about how to breed guppies the right way. I bought a few guppies from a fish store last year and so happened they scoped me a pregnant female which I was unaware of until I brought them home. Not long after that, I saw what appeared to be guppy fries swimming around and they were all hiding from the adults, since I had plants in the tank. Not knowing how to take good care of them, I left them in the tank for a few weeks and separated them to another tank which they survived up to 8 months old. The last one died last month while its colour was fully developed.
  8. Wnsanford

    WnsanfordNew MemberMember

    Put them in together and they will breed lol. Super easy. When the female gets so big her belly kinda squares out a little you put her in a floating breeding tank with a slotted divider so she can't eat the babies. After she's done birthing (give her a few hours) remove her and put the babies in their own tank. Crushed up flake food works fine as the fry are not as small as egg later fry. Guppies breed rampantly and I personally kept a minimum of three females to one male because he will harass them CONSTANTLY. I even eventually had to remove the males because they will stress the females.
  9. Wnsanford

    WnsanfordNew MemberMember

    To tell the difference in the sexes, the males have a long fin under their belly called a gonopodium they use to breed with. Basically it's their penis.
  10. Wnsanford

    WnsanfordNew MemberMember

    Try looking really close at a very pregnant female while feeding them and you can actually see the little babies curled up inside her belly
  11. Wnsanford

    WnsanfordNew MemberMember

    These are photos of some of my males and some get that I've raised over the years
  12. Clement Chee

    Clement CheeNew MemberMember

  13. Wnsanford

    WnsanfordNew MemberMember

    Thank you :)
  14. afoifa

    afoifaValued MemberMember I just crushed some terra colour plus flakes up....they and turned out to be and blue.

    Super easy to breed, but most of my other fish ate the fry, I always save some managed about 5 a time

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