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    I breed a lot of convict cichlids at work. When I find a good breeding pair, I tend to stick with them for a while, but now I'm wondering if I should let some retire. At what point would you consider it unethical to keep breeding the same pair? Should I give them a break after a certain number of broods, or keep going as long as they still look healthy and seem to get along?
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    I would consider it unethical if the pair begins to show signs of stress, fatigue, old age, and other obvious signs of poor health.

    Generally speaking, fish will breed when they feel healthy and eager. If the pair behaves and appears healthy I see no reason to retire them, just let them be. If they are getting along just fine and behaving healthy I would let them do their thing. As far as breaks, if you begin to notice one becoming underweight or appear weak I would separate them until they recover.

    That is my opinion as a fish breeder.
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