Breeding Cherry Red Shrimp


We have a 46g community with quite a few different varieties of fish including 10 platies. We also have a 16g tank with 6 platies and 3 hockey sticks (penguin fish). In both tank we have a handful of Yamato Japonica shrimp in both of those tanks. We also have a large number of cherry red shrimp in both tanks. Over the past few weeks, the cherry reds have been multiplying quite rapidly. It's been great! I was really concerned that the platies might eat some of the baby shrimp and / or shrimp eggs. The platies always seem hungry! Are platies a danger to breeding shrimp?

We also have a 6 gallon tank and we recently put 3 small guppies in the tank. We would like to move some of our cherry red shrimp into the 6 gallon with our guppies. Is this okay? Could we breed shrimp in the 6 gallon tank along with guppies?


The Platys are not to be trusted with baby shrimp, but it sounds like a lot of babies are finding hiding places. So you may not be getting the maximum amt of shrimp you could get, but if you are ok with that it is fine to have them with the Platys. Ditto with the Guppies.

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