Breeding Celestial Pearl Danios...again!

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Sean P Rooney, Aug 8, 2019.

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    After I was very successful last time (only 9 fry but 100% survival rate), I've decided to breed my celestial pearl danios again, this time bugger and better. I've set up my 2.5 gallon again with a smaller heater this time to take up less space and so it doesn't overheat the water. I've also added a plastic plant along with the java moss for extra cover. I finally set up the 44 gallon tank that I garbage picked, which freed up my 10 gallon for my breeding project. I have a trio of danios in the 2.5, and instead of moving the fish like I had to do in the past, I'm gonna move the eggs to the 10 gallon! This means I can breed many more fish at a more constant rate. I started 2 infusoria cultures the other day to prepare for the fry. I plan to start selling the fish I breed to my LFS. Wish me luck!

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    Hope all goes well! Watch the tank carefully as smaller tanks are prone to sudden parameter spikes. Also for some easy coverage you could do hornwort or water sprite
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