Breeding Bristlenose Plecos Question

Discussion in 'Pleco - Plecostomus' started by Preston Landolt, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Preston Landolt

    Preston LandoltValued MemberMember

    I have sprung a new interest in breeding, I’ve ( accidentally ) bred guppies, I’ve bred shrimp, and I want to take the next step up. I’ve seen videos and stuff on breeding bristle nose Plecos and it doesn’t seem to hard! I can easily get all the equipment and such, I just need to know a few things, what should I feed the fry in their first weeks? When I switch the male and the fertilized eggs over to a new tank, should it be bare bottom? Should I have a sponge filter in said tank compared to an hob? Where and how do I sell or just get rid of the juvenile Plecos?
    Are they more difficult than they seem?
  2. Demeter

    DemeterFishlore VIPMember

    20gal tank are sufficent but a 10gal will do in a pinch. Some breeders swear by blanched green beens but really they’ll eat the same things as adults. Algae wafers, blanched veggies, boiled ehh yolk, DIY fish jello etc. I highly recommend leaf litter in the tank, that seemed to be the favorite first food, all the bio film that grew on the leaves. My tank isn’t bare bottom, it has sand but I’d bet bare bottom works just as well if not better.

    Sponge filters are great but a HOB with something around the intake works just as well.

    Seems plenty easy so long as there’s a cozy breeding cave and both parents are well fed they should breed.

    Getting rid of them will be harder I think. Some pet stores will readily take them as BN are pretty popular. But that also means they are common. If you really want to breed them then look into a specific color form or go with long finned types.
  3. OP
    Preston Landolt

    Preston LandoltValued MemberMember

    I’m hoping for albino bristlenose, maybe even longfin
  4. Lollipop0912

    Lollipop0912Valued MemberMember

    I think this is a very good idea. As for getting rid of plecostomus, I have some advice.
    1. Consider selling online
    2. See if any LFS are interested in buying
    3. Sell them cheap. They are your babies, but no one will pay 10$ for a pleco if they can get the same one for 6 $ delivered to thier door.
    4. If you are going to sell to non store owners from out of state, consider the price of shipping a pleco?
    Who will pay for shipping?
  5. Mcasella

    McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    Only raise one batch of plecos at a time, leave the male with the babies and feed them the same food as the adults once their egg sacks are gone (if the male has them in a cave he will keep them in there until the egg sack is gone). Higher protein food will help them grow faster, things like pumpkin, zucchini, and other squash are good for them and green beans (no salt added canned green beans are fine) help with growth. Two or three water changes a week as they are messy fish, have a hob or sponge filter as you like but make sure it is rated for 10x the gallons of the tank (so if you are using a 20 gallon, get a filter than can handle 200 gallon per hour of water turnover).
    Get the albinos that you want. Long or short fin doesn't really matter (if you have one long fin parent half will be long fin, half short fin - have two long fin parents might result in all long fin or 75/25 - long/standard).
    Make sure the store is willing to take them in, see what you can sell local yourself, find a facebook fish page or similar site.
    Shipping isn't as hard as it can be, however it is something you will need to research and learn before trying. Selling online can be difficult, but you can list as pick up only until you get the hang of shipping.
  6. OP
    Preston Landolt

    Preston LandoltValued MemberMember

    When I have had Plecos in a the past I almost always fed them zucchini
  7. Mcasella

    McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    And for growth or egg production higher protein is good. All of my plecos get a mixed food that has higher proteins like shrimp pellets (wardley, omega one), and lower protein (algae wafer crumbles, green bean sticks). They generally go after the plecocaine and foods that break apart quickly.

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