breeding bosemani rainbow

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by santiderek, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. santiderekValued MemberMember

    i would to ask you guys how to breed a bosemani rainbowfish.

  2. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

  3. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Sorry...I'm no help with that. All my Rainbows are male!
  4. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    D'oh! Sorry to put you on the spot like that. I hear rainbow fish and jdhef pops into my head.
  5. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Some info may be found here:
  6. YeoyWell Known MemberMember

    Most rainbows breed in more or less the same - unless you've got a confirmed pair you'd be better off having a group of male and female - and once breeding activity starts you can pair them off.
    Easiest way is to condition the group (as you would with any tropicals) by feeding a good variety of quality food (including live foods - not bloodworms but blackworms, microworms, daphnia etc) for a few days. After doing a 30% water change I'd add 1-2 mops (look online - youtube) making a breeding mop is really easy and really useful and cheap for rainbows. The benefit of the mop is that once they lay - you can remove the mop to put it in a fry tank with green-water as the parents will eat eggs and fry.
  7. santiderekValued MemberMember

    my rainbows do breed everyday but i dont see eggs being laid.
    tonight they spawned probably ten times but no eggs
    their colors gets intense and they face the same direction next to each other and vibrate but no eggs
  8. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    Breeding is not hard but can be frustrating. They will make lots of "practice" runs,especially when it is the first spawning. The eggs will be around 0.5 mm in size, so look closely. The male will become territorial of the spawning area against other fish afterwords if there is no other females. If there are other females, he will change females that he is flashing to, telling you to look for eggs. You will need to get the eggs out ASAP, because he will consume as he guards them. You will have more time to remove them if there are other females, but the second female will pick at them before she spawns at the same site. Having 2 breeding mops is idea, so that you can switch them out to pick the eggs. I was reading this article by Adrian Tappin posted in another thread that says you can roll them between your fingers and if it bursts, it probably infertile. I was thinking of trying this to weed out infertile eggs. Put the eggs in tupperware dish with slow air stone to create current. Keep an eye out for fungus infections and remove those eggs quickly, you can treat with Meth blue up to 3ppm for up to 3 days. Any longer and you risk belly sliders. If you pick the container right, you can float it in the nursery tank, then submerge it so that the fry will swim out of the the hatchery, leaving unhatched eggs. Feed green water and golden pearls to start.

    Water must be kept crystal clear at all times.

    Good luck and have fun. maybe offer your excess to Fishlorians at a good price. I might even buy off ya ;)
  9. santiderekValued MemberMember

    reslly appreciate the reply guys especially Sarcasm Included

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