Breeding Bn Plecos

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    Hello everyone!

    Just looking for some opinions! Now that I have finished my masters degree I finally have some extra time on my hands and I would love to get into breeding a couple types of fish. I have decided I think I want to look into BN plecos. They'd be easy to find homes for if I can't sell them myself as a LFS near me always is in need of them!

    My question is, could I use just a 10 gallon tank or would a 20g long be more ideal? I am only considering the 10 gallon just because I am using another 10 gallon for a fry tank for another breeding project I want to start and it would be nice to use a double stand for them.

    Also has anyone successfully had multiple pairs in one tank? If so how big was the tank?

    Pictures of anyone's pleco breeding set ups would be loved!
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    Giving this a bump up for you hope you get some responses today
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    Recently started a breeding project for Bristlenose myself. I am using a 20 long for now and plan to switch to a 55g or a 40g breeder. I want to house 4 to start and then see how it goes if I cannot get them to breed I’ll go down to a pair. I also plan to over filter this tank and do heavy water changes. Not much experience myself just wanted to share what my plan is so far good luck to you!
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    A 10 or 20 would not be nearly big enough to grow out BN plecos. You'll need something larger than that. Itll work for a few weeks or so. Upgrading to 40 gallons or more after the first month or so would be ideal.
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    This wouldn’t be their grow out. Just for the pair itself :)

    Grow out will either be in a 55g or a 100g stock tank :)

    Right now I have a few growing out in our 29g but they’re moving to the 55g once it’s cycled :)

    I just wasn’t sure for just a pair but since I posted this and the breeders I spoke with have them breeding in tanks with other fish :)