Breeding Bettas Once I Can Get Couple


HI ik this is weird question however unsure how go about this. I really love bettas would like get couple decently priced ones breed them and if can successfully do so try my hand at breeding neat color id like(preferably orange or ones like orchid or such maybe solids idk so many choices I love the double tails too) however ive tried message 2 people selling in site here dm I think its called not good with pc stuff hence I wanted join group for assistance and knowledge of all fish and aquariums. Ik my genetics and aced science classes ect . It really peaks my juices to wanna breed better varieties of bettas once I can learn so as hobby. See I'm retired medically and this could fill my void of boredom cause its something I really like. Specially in winter whereas nothing ro do gardening in Indiana sadly. Guess 3 fold questions. Where and how obtain wortht specimens with out being scammed tried another site and lost out 45 some dollars not including shipping . 2ndly can't seem bstf here til 50 posts which I'm working on but j don't really wanna flood spam this site with jibberish unworthy info or questions to get there either so lil frustrated and 3rdly wanting to learn tips tricks or have someone mentor me in process if willing answer questions as I go. Ik a lot take in but since can't post bstf nor want get scammed which fingers crossed here won't seems . Atm I have cycled 10 gallon moderatly plants blk snd substrate and a 65 planted with few whiteskrit tetra glowfish temporarily with mystery snails and rabbitsnails (gaint orange suluwasi's) ... 4thly I supose if unable figure way wtb on this site via members anyone know legit safe reasonably priced bettas for sale company or such I could get ahold of. Again I just don't want to spam massive posts to hit 50 posts and waste others time. Ty if took time read this


I hope you have done your research, it's easy getting the bettas to breed but raising the fry is the hard part. Don't skimp on supplies, you must have various live foods for the fry if you want them growing fast and healthy. I use mainly baby brine shrimp and micro worms as the main live foods, then switch to frozen daphnia, brine shrimp and eventually micro pellets as the fry grow.

As for finding a breeding pair, you should look into cites and stores near you. For your first time it isn't a bad idea to try with less expensive fish. Why spend a bunch of money only to have the pair get injured/killed due to inexperience? You should first gain experience before deciding you want to spend an arm and a leg for nice fish to breed. In the mean time, look into Aquabid to see what you may want to breed for and for prices of high quality bettas. Make friends with nearby pet stores so you can have a place to trade in bettas you produce. Do tons of research, watch Simply Betta and several other youtube channels about betta breeding and rearing.

Here's a few links I found to be very interesting as far as genetics and breeding journals
Siamese Fighting Fish by BettaBoy

If you truly plan to jump into breeding bettas, know that you will have lots of water changes, culturing live foods, 3-4 daily feedings, and culling (a necessary evil) to do. Not to mention all the $$ that goes into it. It's certainly a fun hobby, just know what your getting into.

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