Breeding Bamboo Shrimp

  1. t

    tjander Well Known Member Member

    Has anyone succeeded in breeding Bamboo shrimp? I don't have any yet but I thought it might interesting to attempt.
  2. James17

    James17 Well Known Member Member

    I'm not positive but I think I read somewhere that they rarely breed in a tank.
  3. Minh Nguyen

    Minh Nguyen New Member Member

    In my 55 gallon, I have 4. At first I decided to leave it to nature to have them breed, but Bamboo shrimp fry do require salt water. It's a very strenuous process which will require a lot of dedication.
  4. OP

    tjander Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the info...
  5. PatrickShrimp

    PatrickShrimp Valued Member Member

    I think the breeding process is very similar to amano shrimp.