Brandon's 10 Gallon Aquarium

Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by dragonspirit1185, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. dragonspirit1185

    dragonspirit1185Valued MemberMember

    Hello folks I'm Brandon :;hi2
    I figured I would start a thread about my aquarium and share my experiences and my journey.
    It hasn't went too good so far but I think I have the right stuff going on now. Learned from mistakes along the way.
    I really didn't want to go all out but I fell in love with my betta and wanted to give him a nice home. Then I found him on day on the floor, he had escaped somehow. Only place is this space that is only an inch wide.
    I lost all hope and just gave up and about sold it all until I was offered one of his brothers. Now that I have another shot at having one of these rarer bettas I decided to go all high tech and do CO2 and everything to insure the plants and everything around Valiant is healthy.
    I know it's not true high tech it's DIY high tech :p

    Here is the current status of the aquarium:

    Plant list:
    Bacopa monnieri
    Lilaeopsis carolinensis aka Giant Microsword
    Cryptocoryne parva x3
    Anubias barteri x2
    Taxiphyllum barbieri aka Java Moss x2 bunches
    Microsorum pteropus 'Dwarf' aka Dwarf Java Fern
    Hydrocotyle leucocephala aka Brazilain Pennywort x2
    Echinodorus bleheri aka Brazilian sword x3
    Aegagropila linnaei aka Marimo Moss Ball

    Riparium Plants (hanging planter):
    Nephthytis (Syngonium) podophyllum 'berry allusion' aka Arrowhead plant
    Dieffenbachia maculata aka Dumb Cane

    Puntius titteya aka Cherry Barb x5
    Otocinclus affinis aka Otocinclus Catfish
    Caridina multidentata aka Amano Shrimp x2
    Clea helena aka Assasin Snail
    Betta splendens aka Crowntail Betta......coming soon

    Aaqueon 20inch hood with an Aqueon Floramax bulb accompanied by 6 LEDs
    Toms Rapids Mini Canister Filter (CO2 bubbles go straight into the intake so the filter is the reactor)
    Petco 50watt Adjustable Submersible Aquarium Heater
    DIY CO2 Checker/Indicator
    DIY CO2 system (pictured below)
    Hydor H20Show Bubble Maker (Kicks on when the lights kick off to provide air so the fish don't get gassed)
    Analog timers for lights and bubble maker

    My DIY CO2 system with CO2 proof tubing:

    Here is the products I use. I use all Omega One foods:

    Here is one of my favorite pics I have take recently:

    Here is a video explaining and showing more about the tank and shows a little more (Watch in HD :p ):

    Here is on of the Amano Shrimp (female) that didn't make it into the video:

    Here is Musha (Japanese for warrior) who all this was done for but as I said above he escaped somehow and was found on the floor.

    Going to shoot _Fried_Bettas_ a PM and get one of his brothers shipped to me. (Yes I'm going to be filling in the hole his brother got out of)

    Thanks for looking :)
  2. _Fried_Bettas_

    _Fried_Bettas_Well Known MemberMember

    Everything looks good here.

    Yeah, these guys like to jump apparently. I was working on the aquascaping of my 6 way divided betta tank and Darkstar, another brother, managed to get from his compartment to the one on the far end, apparently jumping three dividers while my back was turned. This kind of travel is normally prevented by the glass canopy that rests on top of the dividers.
  3. blusshed

    blusshedWell Known MemberMember

    I really love it! Seriously.

    It's a beautiful 10gal.

    Very tastefully done!
  4. atc84

    atc84Well Known MemberMember

    looks really nice, not sure what the brown ball is in front though, lol.

    What song was that in the background? ;)
  5. OP

    dragonspirit1185Valued MemberMember

    Wow that was one heck of a jump and now that you mention it that's probably what happened cause I had the hood removed earlier that day. Maybe he didn't jump out of the gap.
    I'll be fillign the hole in with some rock wool or something anyways and will be keeping a closer eye on him.

    Thanks! :)

    That ball is the Aegagropila linnaei aka Marimo Moss Ball. It use to be green and then it will green up some then go brown again idk it's rather temperamental.

    As for the music it's from one of my favorite bands called Woods of Ypres (pronounced Epray).
    David Gold is probably the best vocalist I have ever heard. He has such a wide range in his voice he can do everything from black metal screams, thrash growls, and the melodic voice and pretty much everything in between.
    First song is a thrash metal type song called Halves & Quarters. Second song is called Wet Leather is a more dark song about David's distaste for life lol hence why they were mostly considered a doom metal band.
    David is sadly no long with us. He died one night on a highway but it is a mystery. Some say he killed himself and some say he was helping someone with car troubles and got hit by a passing car.
    The world lost another amazing vocalist way too soon. They would have went very far.

    Sorry to rant on but I love this band and David as vocalist and I wish the entire world could hear his music.

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