Brand new penguin 100 filter. bio wheel has very unbalanced spin.

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bio wheel speeds up and slows down as it spins, and occasionally completely stopping. Taken it apart, everything seems to be good, no clogs, and the flow is just fine. is the bio wheel just a Dud?
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No, it's normal. lol Mine all stop spinning after a while because of irregular deposits on the pleated paper which cause it to become unbalanced. Just don't replace your cartridge, as it will now serve as the biofilter. It was a good idea, but not trial tested long-term I guess.
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There was a pro version of their larger filters that I saw on YouTube. I'm not sure if it ever actually came out, or if it was a prototype and never left the design room.
Anyway they added a motor and gears to spin the wheels I think and a few other features that should have been in the normal models from the beginning.
Prime time aquatics did the video, if you want to see it. Not sure if they are available or not.

But Kjeldsen is right, those wheels always stop. I got to the point with mine that I just took them off all together. The filter cartridge is where most of the bacteria live anyway. If you ARE worried about not having enough, you could get one of the sponge pre-filters from Aquarium Co-op and then not have to worry about the wheels.
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