Brand new guppy fry - amateur fishkeeper!!


Hi, All -

I need some advice. My new guppies just had babies and I was not home in time to rescue most of the fry, but I did manage to save one ("teeny little superguy"). He now lives in a little floating breeder tanklet in the big tank and seems to be growing like a weed and doing great. I grind up adult food until it's very fine and drop just a tiny bit in with him and he gnaws at it and is happy. The problem is, I'm supposed to be traveling for the holidays and I can't just put one of those seven-day time-release feeders in with him, can I? I want him to live and prosper, since he's the first fruit of the tank, as it were, so what can I do?



Well Done! The only thing I can think of is if you have a reliable neighbour who can feed the little guy for you - I can't see it surviving in the main tank and it may overfeed and die if you put a feeder in with it as well as the waste food being collected in the feeder and causing untold bacterial problems.


How long will you be away?


Sorry for the major delay! Thanks for the replies! Alas, little guy #1 didn't make it, but I now have seven more. Six of them are about a month old and a few days ago, they were joined by a new little sibling that suddenly appeared - apparently alone. The question now is, at what point can I release them into the community?

I do, by the way, have live plants - in response to an earlier post. I often see the adult guppies nibbling from the leaves (the algae?) Can the babies munch on those, too?

(20 gal. tank now contains 4 neons, two fancy guppies, 3 relatively fierce danios)

Thanks again!


By the time the fry are 3/4 inch long they should be too big to eat.


Hooray for the little super guy!
These little fish are amazingly resilient. Place a sprig of water plant, anacharis, foxtail,water sprite or similar leafy type in his space. It probably will sustain him until you get back. Before you leave, feed him a helping of live baby brine shrimp for an infusion of protein and vitamins. He will enjoy chasing them down.
Good luck! Guppygranny.

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