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    hello everyone, Could someone explain to me what brackish water is? I not sure what it means is it salt water or in between? thanks Dave.
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    Brackish water is the mix of Ocean saltwater and fresh water. I'm not sure of the actual salinity amounts. I live on the Chesapeake is considered brackish water . At the mouth of the bay it is almost pure Ocean salt depending on which way the tide is running. That ocean water mixes with the fresh water tributaries and makes brackish (less salty) you go up the rivers that feed the bay, you eventually get fresh water.

    We are in a tidal estuary...the farther from the ocean the more fresh the water gets, and the closer to the ocean the saltyer it gets.

    help or confusing???..sry
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    thanks for the reply I was just unclear what exactly it was. I have a 2 year old dragon goby in a freshwater tank and I heard they do better in brackish water but for the 2 years he has been fine where he is.
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    Yes, many fish spawn in Freshwater, but spend their adult lives in saltwater IE: salmon, rockfish, shad as examples.