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Discussion in 'Brackish Tanks Forum' started by pinkpanther, Nov 28, 2009.

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    We got a 55 gallon tank, right now it will be holding 2 Gold fish 2 dragon fish and one still very tiny pleco. Is aquarium salt what makes the tank Brackish? I read the Dragon Fish prefer Brackish water
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    Hello Pinkpanther and Welcome to Fish Lore. :animal0068: I've moved your post from another thread as not to hi=jack and too so that you can get more responses to your question and a proper Welcome to the forum.

    Please note that Gold Fish are cool water fish and do not mix well with tropicals because of the difference in temperature requirement. I highly suggest not mixing the species. Too, the Gold Fish and Pleco will not handle salt very well and may do more harm in the long run than good.

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    Good morning PinkPanther. :sign0016: Welcome to the forum!

    I know this is crummy news, but I very much agree with Ken's advice. The three types of fish are not compatible because of temperature requirements and water salinity requirements. Your goldie and pleco will not survive the brackish water conditions that your dragon fish needs to survive.

    Some points about your dragon fish:
    ~They're also known as dragon gobies and violet gobies. :)
    ~55g is the minimum tank requirements for one; two would need at least 125g when they're adults because the dominant one will not allow the other to feed if they're in too small a tank.
    ~Dragon fish in proper aquarium conditions grow 4-6 inches a year. In captivity, they'll reach 18 inches.
    ~They must have sand substrate because they feed by scooping the substrate in their mouths and filtering it out their mouths and gills. Their throats are much smaller than their mouths, so their diet is limited; they like frozen blood worms, frozen tubifex worms, small sized sinking shrimp pellets, and guppy fry.
    ~If you decide to keep the dragon fish, add about 1 tablespoon of marine salt to 5 gallons of water, so that the SG is 1.005-1.009, ideally at 1.007.

    Good luck with everything! Keep us updated with what you decide and ask any questions that come to mind. We're all just here to help out. :;hug2

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