Brackish water changes

Mix the salt into the water 24 hours before a water change if possible. I deal with marine tanks but they both deal with the same salt so I figure the instructions would be the same.

Fill a bucket with water, add the appropriate amount of salt to it and use a powerhead to circulate the water to help dissolve the salt. Use a refractometer 24 hours later to make sure the salinity is the correct level for your tank and if so, do the water change.
so if my tank is at 1.005 and I do a 25%. do I have to get the water in the bucket at the same salinity, I don't want to add more salinity.
Yes, the water will have to be at the same salinity. When you are doing a water change and siphoning out the water, you are also removing the salt from that water.

But when you top off the tank from evaporation, use fresh water. Salt does not evaporate, so if you top off with brackish water, your salinity will rise.

Also make sure you are using marine salt like Instant Ocean and not aquarium salt.
so top off will be regular condition water as for actual water changes they are with the same salinity! got it!
Salinity does not need to be the same. Brackish waters are tidal, and go fresher, then saltier, twice a day, with the tides. It's actually better for the fish to vary the salinity.

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