Brackish Tank Acclimated To Saltwater


I have been through a few trial and errors with Columbian Catfish sharks. I had one die then started doing my research. I now have three along with two Monos on Sebae and the other Artgenus. I have since the first time having them all in a tank upgraded to a 75 and now a 125 gallon tank. The salinity is now at a regular constant of 1.021.

I have a few questions. There is not a lot of information on these species of fish and the information I find is never constant. Now that I have managed to keep them live, seemingly healthy I am now just “going with it” as far as care. However having more concrete information on how to care for them and keep them growing, the community I have them in, and food I should be feeding.
I have stuck with frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp mostly. The Mono Sebae won’t eat anything else. I have this week introduced, along with the bloodworms/brine, frozen krill. The krill are pretty big compared to the brine and worms. The sharks seem to enjoy it. I’m not sure if this is something they should digest. The Monos aren’t taking to it but again probably to the size. So firstly food is a concern.
Then how keeping these 3 different species in a community. Is this going to pose a problem in the future as the sharks grow?
The Mono Sebae seems to have reached his maximum size. So I’m not sure if he will be able to hold his weight in a sense with the other two as they become larger. The sharks are pretty large now. I’m not sure how much larger they will become.
As far as equipment. When I moved to a new home is when I at the same time upgraded from the 75 gallon to 125 gallon. And because of the initial tank cycle becomes an issue I still use two filters along with a canister filter that was new added to it.
So I really just am now hoping for the best now as they get bigger. And I really want to know if what I’m doing is going to keep them progressing and health and happy long term.
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