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    I've been running my BP reactor for some time now and is finally doing it's job. Since I got it however my skimmer (R.Oct. diablo xs 200) has been pulling like crazy. I expected this but now I need a larger skimmer. I'm going with a better sump container (trigger ruby elite 36) and upgrading to a much larger skimmer which would fit a ruby 36. My goal is to have the BP reactor hooked directly up to my new skimmer (the ruby will be drilled for this) with no bypass. There are two camps out there saying the various mods are silly and others the opposite. I think it's the right thing to do but will require a lot of time and effort on my part. My question is - "is it worth it?". Thanks all.

    * Mike & ryanr - I don't like calling you fellas outside but if you could chime in on this it would be greatly appreciated :)
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    LOL - are you sure you're not just making excuses to buy new stuff :giggle: (I joke, I do the same thing)

    I've also read the two differing opinions on running BP reactors directly into the skimmer.

    Taking a step back, the general advice on running BP reactors is to run the exit as close to the skimmer intake as possible, giving the skimmer the greatest (and first) chance to extract stuff without it getting back to the display. If we accept this as logical, then one can easily argue that feeding it directly back into the skimmer is the "wisest" choice.

    In my post here (https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/sump/134410-20-gallon-sump.html#post1491683) there's a photo of my setup. Whilst the cables have now been tidied up :rolleyes:, you can see the exit of the BP reactor goes to the right hand skimmer section. What you can't see is the extension on the exit that returns the BP water to the bottom of the skimmer section. In theory, it almost pumps directly into the skimmer intake.

    I think part of the challenge is finding a pump that won't 'over-drive' the reactor, but is enough to still drive the skimmer.

    The following video, albeit 'simplified' kind of explains everything I'm trying to say (skip to about 4:20)
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    There are more complicated ways of doing this but I think I'll try this way first seeing it's much simpler/easier. The problem people discussed is that something plugged into the skimmer inlet hole drastically changes how much water volume that the skimmer would pull in. The skimmer would have to be trimmed much higher to work well. I suppose nothings perfect (overstatement) and this is the way to try first. Thanks ryanr, you're alright in my book!!!

    FYI - ryanr and others, this is what it looks like every 3 days. I clean the neck every time I empty it and clean the body every month.

    muck 2.jpg

    It's set up more for a drier skim since the BP reactor but the drain hole is too thin now and gets clogged up. Have to redrill it.

    *I found a "T" fitting just for hooking the BP to the skimmer.
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    That's some serious skimmate!