Boycotting Petsmart Snail Tank

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    I got my first snail from petco, but they have pretty bad stock and he was kind of sickly, so next snail I went to petsmart to buy and they had very nice stalk, all the snails where happy and healthy, the tank was well planted and the snails well fed, so I bought a snail there and decided I would be getting my snails there from then on. A while later I cam back for more snails and the plants where gone because the snails had been eating some off them so petsmart moved them to a differant tank (a petsmart employee told me this), I bought 2 little guys anyways even though I could now see some dead ones, but after the plants where gone it just got worse. I came back a few days later and searched and search only to find 2 living mystery snails in the whole tank, and one of them had a crack in its shell, I picked the one that looked somewhat whole. A few months later all three snails just up and died, all three from the same batch, all died within a few days of eachother. Luckily, I discovered a little aquarium/pond store that's actually closer and always have very good stalk, the get in some exotic fish that I can't find at chain pet stores. The owner obviously cares about his fish (and snails), he also had a batch of mystery snails hatch out shortly before my first time going there so I have been waiting for them to get big enough for him to sell them to me. A short while ago I went in and asked if any where for sale yet and he said he does have some adults but he would also be happy to accommodate me if I wanted some baby's instead of adults so of course I said yes to the baby's (no one can say no to the adorably little face of a baby snail) and bought 2 little guys. They are very very active, always out and about doing there duties cleaning the tank. He also told me that they have high potential to reach jumbo size. (I think they had a jumbo parent or something). Just sharing my story with petsmart snails and I will no longer be buying snails from them. (Also, the little store I got my baby's from is about 30 cents cheaper per snail, and he has a 4 pack special I forgot the price on that though)

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    I've never had a petsmart snail last more than a couple weeks either, actually, nothing I've bought from there is still alive, and it's been just about a year

  3. LittleBlueGuppy Well Known Member Member

    Yes, their bettas are awful to, way worse than petco. The only thing I have had from there that has lasted is Mac (the snail from when the tank was still planted) he is healthy, active and has survived though much. He's a very good snail. He is still growing a lot to, I'm hoping he reaches jumbo size.

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    Actually wait, 3 fish out of 45-50 are alive and came from petsmart. A blue gourami, common pleco, and a senagali bichir.
    I have never seen a betta without fin rot, ammonia poisoning/burns, or was lethargic at that store
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    I tried for weeks to get snails from PetSmart, sometimes getting there just 6 or 8 hours after delivery, but they were always dead. Every time.
    Got some Rosy reds, about 40, on Saturday, I've got 12 now.
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    i heard that they had a party that 50% of shipments survived
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    I got this mystery snail at petsmart and another one not quite as big
    I think I've had him since December or so

    I did accidentally kill my first yellow petsmart mystery snail though :( opps

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    I was talking with one of the workers at petsmart and she was saying how their snails never come in healthy and that I should avoid buying them haha
  9. blue velvet keeper Well Known Member Member

    whenever i go there to get horned nerites they are always dead
  10. nikm128 Fishlore VIP Member

    I've seen snails that have been dead so long the shell floats to the surface
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    My petsmart is almost as bad, last week they had a half rotted away blood parrot just sitting in one one of the plants, the thing has been dead there for weeks. They also tried to sell a lone blackskirt with fin rot, which (sort of rudely, I admit) I stopped. Then, 10 minutes later, pair of 11 year olds walk in, and one says, "Hey, that fish is only $2.19! about a lone buenos aires tetra. then her brother said "No, lets get that $3 one, it looks cooler" about said ragged black skirt tetra, who was alone in the tank. One of them asks "Do we have a tank?" the other responds "eh, it is just a fish, it'll be fine in a bottle" and promptly got the employee there to net the fish for them. I attempt to stop the kids, they go, "what would you know, teenage scumbag?" I'm not kidding. that was their actual words. I also saw a betta go from his prime to almost dead within weeks. However, yesterday, after they got their shipment for the month, the three employees there were amazing, truly knowledgeable, and were attempting to control the problems. I am hoping they stay on and have fired the old ones, because they were effectively helping a good 14 or 15 people, and being factual, and admitting when they did not know. One of them, in her week so far working their, has managed to nurse back to health all but one of the remaining bettas from the previous month, including the large male (who If he stays much longer, I may have to pickup, now that he is healthy) The three apparently tried to move the bettas into the sales tanks, the manager would not let them do that, but they seem genuinely knowing about fish, and are trying to make things better. Actually, one of them stopped me from buying the aforementioned betta because A. He was still in quarantine (Petsmart quarantining fish?), and B. That I should not do a pity buy because they would just order more. I hope the store is on a good trend, but these good streaks usually last a few months at best. every other petsmart in the region is even worse. My mother made the
    My petco on the other hand, is pretty much a high quality LFS (And the only decent place to get saltwater in town, cuttlefish and corals is terrible..., and it is not um...the expertise of world of wet pets or wet spot). They have 6 well set up saltwater display/business tanks, they are beautiful. They actually have very little that is not fish or "small animals" as they refer to non dog or cat mammals. They also have the knowledge and integrity to tell you when you have a problem, will not sell fish to unsuitable homes, and will say when they don't know how a combination. they even have abolished the baby Bettas in their store, and while they still keep a good many bettas in cups, they are only 1 row deep, they try to get them into tanks instead of the cups, and while their contract requires them to sell the tiny betta tanks, they won't actually sell bettas for them, rather, cherry shrimp is about the max. they'll let you keep. they also will not sell a tank and fish at the same time. All employees except for one new guy (hired around two weeks ago) who specializes in the small mammals, are fish nerds themselves, and do care about the fish. unfortunately, corporate makes them have comet goldy tanks, but they will not sell them unless there is suitable equipment available (e.g., 20g and up and coldwater setup, not a bowl). If all chain store locations were this way, then the LFS' would be out of a job.

    - Dino
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    As this is turning into a store bashing thread it’s now closed