Bought our first Pothos, need ideas on how to use it in my tanks!

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So finally we bought some Golden Pothos at Home Depot. It's large enough to separate it up and put some in our different tanks.

Currently I have a 55 gallon Mbuna tank, and after I finish a new stand and switch the stocking around, a 65g community tank and a 75 gallon South American tank (finally).

I need help figuring out ways to secure the roots in the water and have the plant grow across the lids. I want to be able to move the Pothos back so one lid can be removed at a time for when I need to clean the underside.

I've got 4 Anubias in the 75 gallon that is getting transferred to the 65g and it will probably get more plants in that tank along with the Pothos.

In the 75 gallon that will have 2 Severums, I want to put the Pothos roots in something where the Severuns can't have a buffet on them. The Mbuna eat the heck out of cucumber slices, in the 55g, so I'm assuming they will try to eat Pothos roots as well ?

I'm thinking about some type of plastic cup (or short piece of wide PVC) attached with suction cups on upper back wall, with plastic craft mesh covering the cut-out bottom. Holes drilled around the sides and the open bottom would allow water to flow through the roots, which would eventually grow out the bottom of the "holder". With something like this, with some help from wife or kids the plant holder can be removed and reattached as needed, along with the entire Pothos growing on top. Any easier ways to secure the Pothos.?

How does everyone here implement their Pothos into their tanks? Any advice on DIY methods will be greatly appreciated !
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If you have a hang on back filter you can just place it in there- that's what the majority of folks do.
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I purchased a 15 cent 3 feet long dowel from homedepot - put it across the back and tied the plants to it. so the roots go below the dowel (into the water) and leaves above.
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I bought a window planter:

A small 70gph pump:

Drilled a hole, siliconed, piped into tank:


It keeps my filters clear for media and maintenance purposes and provides a lot more room for the root growth. I also have it filled with fry right now as well - if they live great, if they make the swim down the pipe.....well, fish food I guess.

I think the whole build was roughly $30. And that is Canadian, so I would imagine with those powerful American dollars you could probably do it for under $20.
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Salem , kcopper and jake37 , thanks for the suggestions!

Here is a pic of Golden Pothos.....


I think I will first put some Pothos in a HOB on the 55 gallon African tank, the throw some in an Aquaclear on the other tank. I might try jake37's method on the community tank after those fish get transferred to the 65g and the window planter method from kcopper in the 75g.

I'll try the easiest method first....

I've got a Top Fin Silenstream 75 HOB I'm not currently using and I can place the roots in the second reservoir. I can put that set up on the 55 gallon African Cichlid tank today.

I might throw some loose Matrix from a canister and layer it in with the roots to keep the plant in place in the reservoir. If that works, I can make a DIY basket out of plastic craft mesh, so I can pull the plant put of the HOB and easily place it back in as needed.


I'll post back when I get this done, but I need to finish the cabinet build first today !

The top mounted window planter with pump is very interesting and would be a good candidate for the 75g.

I've always wanted to build a hood for the 75g, and I can already picture having a cutout in the back. The lip of the planter would be just below the cutout so only the plants coming is visible. That will be a good DIY project for later!

Thanks everyone for the advice!
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So I have the Pothos divided among a 10g, 55 gallon and 75g. Some went into two HOB's and 3 pieces were tucked between the back plastic rI'm and the plastic lip of the folding glass lid with the roots in the water.

Is the growth of Pothos dependent more on available light in the room, or more on available nutrients in the water?

How fast does Pothos grow anyways ?

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I just take clippings and hang them over the edges of my tanks and am constantly moving them around for WC's or if they sink a bit. Yours you could take them out of the pot and rinse off the roots and add them to your hob or just drape them over the edges of your tanks.
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I think light will help it grow and uptake nutrients faster .
I started with 2 plants .I placed one on each end of a rack .
Maybe two years later the plants go around the room and touch every tank I want !
Seriously !


It is even more out of control now !
I don't count them in my maintenance although they may help ,but they make the fish room more comfortable for me and my fish I am sure ..
I mean I know my fish enjoy music and some can see the TV but for the most the rest get to see leaves above and around their tanks ..That can't be bad ?
The roots in the tank is really my favorite part ! I love watching fish swim through and hide in them ..
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Fantastic CoralBandit !! Thanks

One of these days, some of those shipping boxes you got on the floor will be addressed to me !

You still have Blue Acaras and Red BN Plecos ?
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Only the super red BNP.
I sent my last EBA to mcasella for Christmas ..She may have them breeding by now ?
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I will say in the 4 months i've had my pothos it grows but very slowly but I do not have anything more than room light. None of it has died and I have a few new leaves it just doesn't grow fast. The room has 100 watt (equiv) led recesses lighting (4 one in each corner). I can't hang lights in this room like coralbandit so the only way I could add more light would be a clip on led at the edge of the tank. One thing to be aware is that if you have jumpers you need to close the gaps. I had a gold zebra jump out a couple of weeks ago. I have a glass canopy with the little plastic strip but he still found a way out (was the first and hopefully the last). I've had folks tell me clown loaches will jump out....

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